Kuhl Insurance 
“What If” Branding Campaign
Protecting from the what if is what Kuhl InsuranceSM does. They make life long relationships with customers and protect their most important assets for anything that may come down the road. Kuhl Insurance agents advocate for their customers, standing up to the big insurance companies, protecting the little guy. They serve their customers with support and integrity every day keeping customers comfortable and safe. 
Kuhl Insurance was known by the same logo mark for many years in the town of Morton, IL and throughout the central Illinois area. Promoting the new look and feel of Kuhl was a must. A corporate brochure was designed with this in mind. This was to keep customers assured that this was the same great service with a new great look. The corporate brochure features all things that make Kuhl Insurance successful in protecting, advocating and serving their customers each and every day. 
These three internal banners were created to be used inside the office and at different conferences and events. The three 6 ft banners use dynamic images to depict the attitude of Kuhl Insurance’s Commercial, Personal and Benefits customers. 
The perKs program is a service Kuhl does for their commercial customers. This pamphlet explains to these customers all they need to know about the program and how to get started. 

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