Color Spot  - Plant Nursery Identity
At Color Spot, success is measured by the success of their customers. Color Spot leads the industry with a formula for retail success, which is backed by their customer service, innovations and logistical strength. Color Spot has an internal culture that values growth. This all boils down to the idea of “Grow Smarter”. 
Promotions and external correspondence has to be coherent with the brand. Color Spot’s trademark fresh green color is used affluently in these correspondence pieces. When a customer or prospective client receives one of these pieces they will know it’s from Color Spot.
Uniforms with the logo do more for the employees then just being uniform. Branded uniforms help each employee look and live the brand every day. This piece of comfortable uniform t-shirt features the Color Spot fresh green color with the white Color Spot logo. 
On such a small format, legibility and usability is very important. The tags have to be able to be seen at a distance and the info must be easy to read when flipped. Alternatively a QR code can be used on a mobile device to the Color Spot website for more information on each plant individually. 
Color Spot deliveries are delivered faster because the delivery trucks are state-of-the-art. Color Spot delivery drivers only take right hand turns to eliminate waiting at stops. The fresh green color differentiates Color Spot Delivery vans from all others. In the fleet of Color Spot delivery vans the Color Spot logo is uniform, but in the road it is instantly recognized.  

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